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B i o g r a p h y

The begining

Miguel Tristan   is   a world class guitarist   born in La Paz, Bolivia     He started playing at the age of eight as a pupil of Father Antonio Sabini, the unforgettable director of the choir and marching band of the Don Bosco Catholic School. Later, Father Sabini sent Tristan to study with maestro Luis Cava at the Bolivian National Conservatory and maestro José Lanza Salazar at the Bolivian Choral Society.

Full of dreams and a deep passion for music Tristan and his group of best friends formed Dies Irae, a rock band that initiated activities in the mid 80's. Tristan left after few years but the band grew to achieve national recognition.

In 1995 Tristan moved to the US and started playing with The Inka Kings, with whom he recorded seven CD's and toured many states of the Union securing long term contracts with venues like Disneyland, La Quinta Resort and Club and The College of the Desert.. After few years Tristan started a solo career promoting the Bolivian Charanguitar, a unique custom made instrument built by maestro Freddie Cruz, being featured in the Casinos and all mayor Country Clubs and Golf Clubs in the area of Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

Inspired in the bolivian Charango and the clasical guitar, the Charanguitar is a hybrid instrument capable of a wide range of melodic and harmonic accents and both can be played simultaneusly.

By playing the Charanguitar, Tristan Hopes to take this bolivian treasure to new audiences showing the richness of the andean culture and the new horizons that can be explored musicaly as well as the many styles that can be played on the charanguitar, for instance Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Flamenco, or world music.

Tristan enjoys recording and arranging at his studio King Bear Productions Inc. where he is currently working in his latest CD. He has written the book "Sons of the Sun" an essay on the Inca culture, "The guitar decoded" and articles for some magazines.

KING BEAR Productions Inc.


King Bear Productions Inc. Studios in the heart of Indio California, is one of the music industry's top recording facilities known in the Palm Springs area with world-class state of the art equipment. Since 2000, King Bear Recording Studios has continued to serve talented artists with technical expertise and excellent service.Founded at this location by Miguel Tristan, Our studios are capable of meeting the needs of the industry's most discerning clientele, anticipating and exceeding our clients' needs with professionalism and discretion. Highlights from the Studio's prolific and talented artists are Ricardo Vasquez and "The Jarocho Kings", Mary Garcia, Francisco Landeros "La Voz Romantica" James Toscano, Martin Salvador Rendon, Grupo Vencedores and the bolivian singer and composer Gloria de Tristan.

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